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Maya but please call me Arty. cis, she/her pronouns. Multifandom. But we mostly got teenage Wolves, egotistical gods, warring ladies, writing, poetry, angels, and a belief in myself and something I cannot see.
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Laura was smart, beautiful, and remarkably talented. 

And she had this horrid trait that she loved everyone, even those who didn’t deserve it. She could light up a room just by walking in it.  She was charismatic and she often spoke her mind.  People would follow her blindly into battle if she ordered. You know how Scott has all those characteristics that make him a true alpha? Take those and multiply them by 6.  Laura was already on her way to becoming an alpha well before Talia even died.  And one day she would have been a greater alpha then anyone ever.

September 28, 2013 with 15 notes
tagged: laura hale - teen wolf - i just love her okay - peter is talking by the way - she is really pretty - and her eyes change color - i feel like she would be a wonderful hale - and she would have smiled - a lot - unlike the other hales - peter's smirks dont count - hmmm - maybe ill do a talia next -
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